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Introducing Our Bed Bug
Sniffing Dog Detectives

Our canine bed bug detection experts are no ordinary heroes; they were lovingly rescued from shelters and then underwent rigorous training to develop their extraordinary ability to sniff out bed bugs at all life stages.

These extraordinary canines underwent their training at the prestigious Forensic and Scientific Investigation Institute, working alongside master trainer and Alexandria’s own Police Chief, David Latimer.

Their training involved scent vials that honed their abilities to pinpoint live bed bugs and viable eggs. These talented dogs also trained alongside police, arson, and bomb squad canines, mastering the art of distinguishing between various odors and expertly tracking the scent of bed bugs to their very source. To maintain their impeccable detection skills, our staff works closely with our canines, engaging in daily training sessions.

Rest assured, all our canine teams receive annual certification from either the World Dog Detection Organization (WDDO) or the Integrated Bed Bug Management Association (IBBMA) as proficient bed bug detection teams. With our canine detectives on the case, we’re committed to providing Alexandria, VA, with top-notch pest control services for a bug-free environment.

Sunny Sleuth

The Veteran Inspector

Sunny Sleuth, our original K9 inspector, may appear a bit grumpy, but don’t be fooled by his demeanor – he brings a wealth of experience to every case he tackles!

Sherlock Bones

Unraveling Bed Bug Mysteries

Sherlock Bones might be a looker, but it’s his dedication that truly shines. He doesn’t rest until every last bed bug is discovered and dealt with.

Dr. Angelica Spotson (Angel)

The Fiery and Playful Detective

Sherlock Bones might be a looker, but it’s his dedication that truly shines. He doesn’t rest until every last bed bug is discovered and dealt with.

Barker Lewis

The Speedy Scent Specialist

Barker Lewis, a unique mix of lab and greyhound, possesses incredible scent abilities and an increased lung capacity that lets him work at lightning-fast speed.


Tough Exterior, Gentle Heart

Rattan was bred for scent work, but behind his tough exterior lies the gentlest of hearts among all our canines.

Van Gogh

The Artful Detective

Our newest addition, Van Gogh, shares a namesake with the renowned artist, and like the painter, he turns bed bug detection into an art form.

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