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Need to Get Rid of Ants in Annandale?

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An ant crawling anywhere in your Annandale home is unsightly. In addition, ants can cause damage to your home or spread contamination or disease.

When ants gain access to your home, they’re often followed by other pests.

If you’re looking for the best ant pest control, call on the experts at Highland Eco Pest Control.

Signs You Might Have an Ant Problem in Annandale

Many ants are somewhat shy; some ants are nocturnal, most active at night.

Homeowners in Annandale can have ant infestations in walls or other parts of their homes without realizing it.

Besides watching for lines of marching ants, look for additional signs of ant infestations:

  • Watch where ants come and go. Scout ants scope out food sources and lay pheromone trails for swarms of other ants to follow.
  • Trails or piles of sawdust can indicate ants nesting in wood.
  • Damaged wood attracts ants. Inspect woodwork and trees.
  • Small piles of dirt or larger mounds can indicate an ant nest. Look for the central hole leading to a giant underground network with thousands of resident ants.

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Highland’s Eco-Friendly Ant Control Process –
The Best Way to Get Rid of Ants in Annandale

  1. Our trained and certified pest control technicians will always start with a thorough inspection to identify the type of ant so we provide the best ant treatment.
  2. Find the colony. We’ll inspect likely locations to ensure we’re treating known and suspect spots for ant nesting and access.
  3. Deliver the appropriate ant control treatment. Highland provides ant control products and treatments targeted for specific ant infestations. We’ll always treat for ants with the most eco-friendly, effective materials.

Our eco-friendly treatment method is the best way to eliminate ants in Annandale while keeping your home or work environment safe for people, pets, and furnishings. Treatment for ants and 20 other pests is Included in Highland’s Eco Defense Program.

An ant infestation in Annandale, Virginia

Eco Defense Program

Year-Round Pest Protection

If you live in the Washington, DC region, you know that pest pressure is constant.

Our Eco Defense Program protects your home year-round by preventing seasonal invaders such as ants, crickets, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, and more.

Let your your home sweet home be pest-free all year.

Starting at $50/month
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Common Ant Infestations in Annandale

Whether you see just a few tiny ants in your kitchen or a pair of large black ants in your house, you’ll want to investigate pest control treatment before the ant problem in your home gets severe. These are the most common types of ants you’re likely to see in Annandale.

  • Sugar ants. Small brown ants in your kitchen marching along your countertop toward crumbs or sweet food residue are commonly called sugar ants. While sugar ants generally aren’t harmful, they are unsightly. Tiny white ants, black ants, or yellow ants can also fall in the category of sugar ants.
  • Odorous ants. If you smell rotten coconut when you crush a small brown or black ant, it’s probably an odorous ant. They like sweet foods, particularly honeydew and flower nectar outside or any crumbs and spills inside.
  • Pavement ants. Kids love watching these small ants marching in lines from piles of soft sand in cracks in sidewalks. When pavement ants move indoors, they can nest in your floors and even bite.
  • Pharaoh ants. Light brown pharaoh ants like warm indoor spots and tend to create numerous splinter colonies. Some studies indicate pharaoh ants can aggravate asthma and allergies.
  • Carpenter ants. Moisture appeals to carpenter ants. These black ants establish nests in rotting or damaged wood. You might see carpenter ants in your house too. Winged queen ants appear in early summer. Carpenter ant treatment prevents further damage to wooden structures.
  • Red imported fire ants. These ants are highly venomous, causing extreme reactions in some people. While fire ants are not yet common in Northern Virginia, warmer temperatures have made it possible to occasionally see them in northern migration.

When you see ants in your home, try to capture a sample in a plastic bag to aid in identification.

The front yard of a beautiful Alexandria VA summer home with an outdoor pest problem

Residential Ant Remediation

Looking to get rid of ants in your house or in your kitchen? Highland administers EPA-approved human-safe and pet-safe ant treatments for Annandale homes that include:

  • Thorough inspection to identify the type of ant and determine the best treatment to get rid of ants.
  • Preventive action to keep ants from getting in your home, with seasonal exterior barrier treatments using an eco-friendly ant killer.
  • Interior targeted treatments for ants with ant baits and or gels – this reduces the amount of materials we need to spray inside for our ant removal service.
  • Minor exclusion to seal cracks and prevent ongoing access for ants and other pests.
  • Guidance to homeowners from Highland pest control technicians on actions for ant remediation to avoid future infestations, such as cleaning spills and storing food items securely.
  • Treatment for ants and 20 other pests is Included in Highland’s Eco Defense Program
An Alexandria VA Restaurant with a pest problem

Commercial Ant Control

Highland specializes in commercial pest control for ants in Annandale. Our friendly and discrete technicians will provide ant control services featuring:

  • A thorough inspection to identify the type(s) of any ant activity present within your business operation.
  • Targeted treatment for the ants both inside and outside of your facility.
  • Minor exclusion to seal cracks and prevent ongoing access for ants and other pests.
  • Guidance from Highland technicians to business owners and staff on actions to avoid future ant infestations, such as storing food items securely and cleaning spills.
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