Safe, Natural Pest Control

In the Washington, DC, region, pest pressure is constant. Old homes and new homes alike can be vulnerable to pest activity.

At Highland, we specialize in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which means we address the root causes of pest issues–eliminating factors that might attract pests to your property and then treating in the greenest, most effective ways.

You can trust us to get control of whatever is pestering you.

We can help with the following pests:

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Mice & Rats

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Stinging Insects

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Other Pests

The Highland Way for Pest Control

Inspect: First, we will conduct a careful inspection of your property to understand the pest issues you are facing, and more importantly, why they are occurring.

Modify: We then modify the environment to eliminate factors that attract pests to your property, such as removing food sources and places to hide and sealing entry points.

Treat: After we’ve created this barrier, depending on the pest, we may employ baits, traps and/or chemical pesticides. You can be assured that we always use the lowest risk products that impact only the target pest.

Prevent: Ongoing monitoring is the final step, so that we can manage pest problems before they get out of hand. We always tailor our solutions to the specific property and time of year.

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With an Annual Eco-Protection Plan

Highland Eco Pest Control is proud to provide the highest quality eco-friendly pest control in the area. Our proven results and customized solutions help you take back your home quickly and effectively, without harming your health or budget.