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Bed bugs are traumatic. We’ve got you. Highland Eco Pest Control is the leading bed bug detection and treatment company in the Washington, DC, region.

We use highly trained canines to find bed bugs wherever they may be hiding and eliminate them in the most effective, eco-friendly ways.

If you are concerned about bed bugs, give us a call, and we will get an inspector out to your home urgently. Our inspections are completely unbiased. We will never recommend treatment without evidence of bed bugs. If we do find bed bugs, we will happily put the inspection fee toward the cost of treatment.

For treatment we offer both heat and conventional treatments. Our heat treatment method will eliminate all bed bugs in a single day without the use of harsh chemicals. The heaters we use are specialized for bed bug extermination and will kill bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs.

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The Highland Way to Treat Bed Bug Infestations

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Heat treatment is the fastest and most cost effective way to completely eradicate bed bug infestations. Bed bug control at all life stages including eggs are unable to survive in temperatures higher than 125 degrees. Unlike chemical treatments, which can push bed bugs into the walls, our heat permeates every square inch of an infested room, even penetrating the walls, to ensure that it is clean and clear of bed bugs.

Our sophisticated heating system is made specifically for killing bed bugs.It is 100% green and environmentally friendly. We can kill all bed bugs at all life stages, including eggs and nymphs, without the use of pesticides.

Our systems raise the temperature evenly throughout the home to 135 degrees. This is hot enough to kill bed bugs but a safe temperature for your belongings. Since we don’t rely on harmful chemicals, our treatment method is ideal for sensitive properties, such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and dormitories.

At Highland, we pride ourselves on the fact that no matter how large the home, we can completely eliminate an infestation in a single-day treatment. Our superheaters create a convection oven effect which significantly reduces the time it takes to eliminate a bed bug infestation, especially compared to chemical-only approaches which can take numerous treatments. This means you can sleep tight again sooner!

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Highland Eco Pest Control is proud to provide the highest quality eco-friendly pest control in the area. Our proven results and customized solutions help you take back your home quickly and effectively, without harming your health or budget.